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Junkers Ju88 A-4 with bombs

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Scale 1:32 Release date 07/2013 No. of parts 380 Length 453 mm Wingspan 630 mm The Ju 88 was the most versatile of all German Second World War Combat Aircraft.It was deployed as a dive bomber, night-fighter, torpedo bomber, mine-layer and reconnaissance aircraft. Mass production of the Ju 88A-1 began in September 1939. The Ju 88 was initially deployed during the occupation of Norway. From the following August it was increasingly deployed on attacks against the British Mainland. Structural improvements to the A1 led to an improved defensive armament and changes to the wing. The result was the Ju88A-4 which entered mass-production on a large scale and became the Luftwaffe's standard bomber. It was the basis for all further development of the Ju 88 as a bomber, ground-attack and reconnaissance aircraft. The A-4 is one of the most prolific version of the Ju 88. Compared to its predecessors, it was extensively better armoured to protect the crew, had a more powerful engine and an uprated defensive armament. The first major deployment of the new aircraft was with KG 51 (Combat Wing 51) during the invasion of the Soviet Union on 22 June 1942. The Ju88A-4 was used in all theatres of war and was continuously improved. As well as aerodynamic improvements, engine performance was increased and a greater payload became available. Thus, the Ju88A-4 could carry up to 4 SC500 bombs intoaction. The exact number of Ju88's built is difficult to determine. In all thereabout 15,000 were built. - Additional parts for the A-4 version - Detailed Surfaces, Recessed Panel Joints - Extended Wing-tips - Super detailed Cockpit - Originally reproduced Side-walls - Bomb Aiming Device - Detailed Pilots, Radio Operator and Bomb Aimer Seats - Radio Operators Panel - Side Lever Frame - A-4 Cockpit Glazing with MG-Positions - Embossed A-4 Instrument Panel - Detailed Tail Wheel with Retraction Lever - Belly Bulge under the Fuselage - Separate Ailerons and Flaps - Detailed Engine Cowling's - Rotating Propeller - Detailed Undercarriage - Rotating Wheels - Detailed Machine Guns - Wing Mounted MGs - 2 SC250 Bombs - 2 SC500 Bombs Decal Set for 2 Luftwaffe Versions: - Junkers Ju 88A-4 of 4./KG54; Catania, Sicily; April 1943 - Junkers Ju 88A-4 of 3./Kü.Fl.Gr. 506 Leeuwarden, Netherland; April 1942 Colors: 5 9 15 17 36 39 40 45 49 56 76 77 83 84 85 91 99 302 330

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