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PORSCHE 928 S4_1:24_Italeri
30,00 €
ποσότητα φόρου 5,81 €

OFFICIAL LICENSED PRODUCT 86 PARTS REALIZED IN PRE-COLORED SPRUES + DECALS SHEET + RUBBER TIRES AND CHROMED WHEELS. The Porsche 928 was introduced in 1977. Made with a new body with a large tailgate, the new car was equipped with a new aluminum V8 engine with electronic fuel injection, capable of delivering power of 235hp. Designed according to the formula "Transaxle", with front engine and rear gearbox, the car was also equipped with independent suspension and Weissach rear axle type, optimized to reduce under stear. The S4 version was produced in 1986, and was characterized by a more powerful engine that delivered 330hp. This model remained in production until 1995. Type: Classic and modern cars Country: Germany Skill: 3 Model Dim.: 19,0 cm Box Dim.: 345 x 242 x 60 mm

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