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Ambulance with figure 00824

35,00 €
ποσότητα φόρου 6,77 €
Συναρμολογήστε εύκολα το πλήρες εξοπλισμένο πυροσβεστικό όχημα. Ιδανικό για παιδιά ηλικίας από 4 ετών και άνω.Συναρμολογούνται εύκολα με το πλαστικό κατσαβίδι που περιέχεται στη συσκευασία.Οι έγχρωμες και κατανοητές οδηγίες συναρμολόγησης οδηγούν στην κατασκευή του αγωνιστικού αυτοκινήτου βήμα -βήμα Age:4+ Number of parts:64 Length:260 mm Oh dear, an accident! Quickly build your Junior Kit ambulance and drive the medic to the scene. Once there, you immediately provide the patient with the emergency kit and then push it on the stretcher into the ambulance. Quickly close the doors and go to the hospital! With a fully movable play figure. Small paramedics from the age of 4 can easily assemble the model themselves with the included screwdriver - child-friendly and without any effort. With many stickers to decorate the vehicle. Build, screw, play: child-friendly assembly thanks to the unique screw system Robust construction: can be easily screwed together and unscrewed again Movable front and rear doors; side sliding door With fully movable figure (paramedic) Accessories included: Emergency backpack and movable stretcher, sticker sheet The colourful, easy-to-understand construction manual leads you step by step to your goal 64 parts (39 components + 24 fasteners, 1 x figure) Length approx. 26 cm, scale 1:20

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