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RC X-TREME Boat "Catamaran"-24140

RC X-TREME Boat "Catamaran"-24140
115,00 €
ποσότητα φόρου 22,26 €

Revell Control X-TREME Boat Catamaran: Ultimate RC driving experience for water enthusiasts!

Immerse yourself in the world of RC nautical with the Revell Control X-TREME Boat Catamaran! With an age recommendation from 14 years, this RC catamaran is the perfect gift for aspiring hobby captains. Its dimensions (length: 440 mm, width: 125 mm, height: 115 mm) give the model a realistic and impressive look.

The X-TREME Catamaran from Revell Control, part of the highly acclaimed X-TREME series, stands for an unparalleled driving experience in the RC field. With its robust hull, powerful 7.4V LiPo battery and 2.4GHz remote control, it is ready for a dynamic and exciting ride on any body of water.

With a top speed of up to 45 km/h, this catamaran glides over the water, while the Battery Warning System ensures that you are always aware of the remaining battery power. Thanks to the "Anti Kenter function", the catamaran can be easily righted again even after rapid manoeuvres and overturning.

What's in the box:

The Revell Control X-TREME Boat Catamaran comes with everything you need for instant fun:

  • Model
  • 2.4 GHz remote control
  • USB charger and USB charging cable
  • LiPo battery
  • Instruction manual
  • Tools (screwdriver and wrench)

Area of application and target group: Whether for beginners or advanced, the X-TREME Boat Catamaran is the ideal model for anyone who wants to enjoy the fascination of the RC boating. It is suitable for both indoor pools and outdoor waters.

Special Features:

The highlight of the X-TREME Boat Catamaran is its innovative 2.4 GHz technology, which allows you to control multiple boats at the same time without interfering with each other. In addition, an integrated protection circuit ensures that the propellers only start in the water - for maximum safety on land. With the Revell Control X-TREME Boat Catamaran, you'll be ready for the ultimate in RC boating fun!

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