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Carrera R/C Boat: 2,4GHz Race Catamaran (370301016X)

Carrera R/C Boat: 2,4GHz Race Catamaran (370301016X)
65,00 €
ποσότητα φόρου 12,58 €
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Carrera RC Race Catamaran - Carrera RC Boat - A racing boat for fun on the lake - Length 31 cm - Carrera RC boat Follow the red flash across the water The new Carrera RC Race Catamaran is perfect for fun on lakes or in pools. This lively boat thrills with a stylish red-and-black racing livery and speeds of up to 10 km/h. When racing across the surface of the water, you and your friends will be boats ahead of the others as you drench them in your wake. Sophisticated equipment for super waterborne fun This speedy 31 cm racing boat soaks those in pursuit for up to 20 minutes before taking a short 50-minute break to recharge the exchangable 3.2 V – 700 mAh LiFePo4 battery. The ergonomic control handset and Digital Proportional technology allow you to stay in complete control as you flash across the waves. The control set also guarantees extra signal range.

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