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Carrera Profi RC Boat: 2,4GHz Speedray (370301030)

Carrera Profi RC Speedray Boat - Carrera Profi RC Boat with water cooling - Skim across the lake in a stylish boat - Length 45 cm - Age 14 and up Skim across the lake at top speed The new Carrera Profi RC Speedray Boat almost flies across the lake. This stylish boat is reminiscent of a manta ray, unstoppably slicing through the waves at top speeds of up to 25 km/h. This mean, high-speed water rider is perfect for days of waterborne action out on the lake. Leave all the others behind in your wake! Like a fish to water A bright yellow livery with black highlights makes it an even bigger attraction, visible from afar. Digital Proportional steering allows speedboat pilots aged 14 and upwards to navigate the manta over choppy waters with absolute precision, while the water-cooled motor maintains a constant temperature. Thrilling waterborne racing is guaranteed for you and a total of 15 opponents thanks to the use of 2.4 GHz radio signal technology.

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