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RC Truck New Mud Scout_24643

RC Truck New Mud Scout_24643
60,00 €
ποσότητα φόρου 11,61 €

RC Truck New Mud Scout

Product number: 24643



Length:380 mm

Width:230 mm

Height:190 mm


Master any terrain with the RC Truck NEW MUD SCOUT - The ultimate off-road fun!

The NEW MUD SCOUT RC truck is the ultimate off-road vehicle for all adventure lovers aged 8 and up. Whether you're a beginner or already experienced in RC, the Mud Scout will give you the thrilling action you're looking for. Whether indoors or out, this truck will thrill you with its power and maneuverability.

The Mud Scout features highly detailed and realistic parts that make it an absolute eye-catcher. Its powerful, treaded tires allow it to fight its way confidently through rough terrain, while the powerful drive provides plenty of power. With the handy 2CH 40 MHz remote control you always keep full control of the truck, whether you are on a straight track or in challenging terrain.

Included is the model of the Mud Scout truck and a high-quality 2CH-40 MHz remote control. Please note that 5x 1.5V AA batteries and 1x E-block 6LR61 are required to operate the truck. These are not included in the package.

The NEW MUD SCOUT RC truck is the perfect gift for RC enthusiasts and adventurers of all ages. Experience the thrill of off-road driving and feel the adrenaline rush as you chase over hill and dale in this impressive truck. Show off your driving skills and impress your friends with spectacular stunts and daredevil maneuvers.

Get the Mud Scout today and dive into the world of action-packed RC driving. Experience unforgettable adventures and discover what you're capable of with this powerful off-road truck. Quality, performance and fun, the Mud Scout has everything you need to take your RC experience to the next level.

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