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RC Car Ford Mustang Police_24665

RC Car Ford Mustang Police_24665
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RC Car Ford Mustang Police

Product number: 24665





Length:330 mm

Width:140 mm

Height:105 mm



Revell Control RC Car Ford Mustang Police - Catch the action with this detailed police vehicle!

With the Revell Control RC Car Ford Mustang Police, you have the opportunity to recreate exciting car chases and become a law enforcement officer yourself. This licensed US police vehicle in 1:12 scale impresses with its high-quality workmanship and realistic design. The detailed body of the Ford Mustang attracts all eyes and gives you the feeling that you are really in a police operation on the road.

The Ford Mustang Police RC Car is suitable for enthusiastic junior police officers from the age of 8. It offers an exciting driving experience for beginners and advanced drivers alike.

This RC car is equipped with numerous special features that set it apart from other models. It has a working blue light and sound effects to make the action even more realistic. The LED front and rear lights ensure that you can always keep an eye on things, even at night. With the 2.4 GHz remote control, you can perform precise steering maneuvers and control the speed of the vehicle. Thanks to this technology, several friends can also play with their vehicles at the same time without interference.

The following parts and accessories are included with the Ford Mustang Police RC Car:
- 1 x Model of the Ford Mustang Police
- 1 x 2CH GHz remote control for precise control
- 1 x USB charger for easy battery charging
- 1 x Rechargeable battery for long-lasting driving fun
- 1 x Instruction manual with all important information and tips on how to use the vehicle

The Revell Control RC Car Ford Mustang Police is perfect for all young police fans who dream of action-packed chases and exciting missions. Whether indoors or outdoors, this RC car can be driven anywhere and provides hours of fun. With the Ford Mustang Police, you can create your own police adventures and impress your friends.

Bring the cop in you to life and bring action and excitement to your gaming world with the Ford Mustang Police RC Car!


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