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My first RC Flower Car Pin-23204

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Cuddle or remote control? Both! Remote controlled plush vehicle for children from 2 years of age. Bodywork made of soft plush quality material removable to wash and cuddle! Toddler friendly remote control and low speed movement perfectly controllable even for very young children. With a horn sound at the touch of a button. Soft plush quality no scratches on the furniture. Surface friendly rubber tires for low noise movement Simple, toddler friendly operation: forward / backward and sideways Low driving speeds for controlled steering even with very young children Removable plush outer - to cuddle and wash (at 30°C) Sound the horn at the push of a button on the handy radio control handset Addresses the child's senses touch, see, hear ! Teaches the understanding of cause and effect Battery operated (5 x 1.5V AA batteries, not included) Radius of operation approx 5 metres (16 feet) Length approx 21,5 cm (7 inches) Scope of delivery: Vehicle Remote control Operating instructions

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