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Bburago - Ferrari Signature - Daytona SP3 - White with blue strip18-16912

Bburago - Ferrari Signature - Daytona SP3 - White with blue strip18-16912
85,00 €
ποσότητα φόρου 16,45 €

Discover Bburago's Ferrari Daytona SP3, a perfectly detailed 1:18 scale replica. With its white livery and blue stripe, it is the ideal toy for children from 3 years old and the perfect collector's piece for adults.

Product Features:

  • Brand : Bburago
  • Model : Ferrari Daytona SP3
  • Scale : 1:18
  • Color : Pearly White with Blue Stripe
  • Recommended age : 3+ years
  • Type : Sports Car Model
  • Special Features : Authentic details, elegant livery
  • Emotions : Adrenaline, superior aesthetics, class
  • Materials : High quality plastic and metal

Product Specifications:

  • Details : Faithfully reproduced interior design, iconic blue stripe
  • Size : Specific size information can be found on the packaging
  • Ease of handling : Easy to handle, moving parts for greater interactivity
  • Safety : Complies with international toy safety regulations

Explore the world of supercars with Bburago's Ferrari Daytona SP3. This extraordinary 1:18 scale model was created with exceptional attention to detail, from the pearly white color of the bodywork to the blue stripe that enhances its elegance.

Every aspect of this miniature has been taken care of with precision, from the interior design to the smallest details. Made with high-quality materials, this model offers a realistic and safe play experience for children aged 3 and up, while collectors will appreciate the faithfulness of the replica.

Add a touch of class and adrenaline to your collection or give an unforgettable gift to a young car enthusiast. The Ferrari Daytona SP3 is the emblem of elegance and power, a true jewel to own!

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