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R.M.S. Titanic easy-click-system-05498

R.M.S. Titanic easy-click-system-05498
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Δημιουργείστε εύκολα ένα μοντέλο του Τιτανικού χωρίς την ανάγκη κόλλας ή χρωμάτων. Το σύστημα "easy click" της Revell σας δίνει την δυνατότητα συναρμολόγησης έτοιμων βαμμένων τμημάτων . 





Number of parts:156

Length:448 mm

Width:55 mm

Height:138 mm

Simple model construction kit of the most famous ship in the world. Everyone knows the tragic story of her collision with an iceberg on her maiden voyage.

  • Structured planking on the hull
  • Structured planking on the decks
  • Display stand
  • Decal set and stickers included

Handicraft fun with great results for everyone age 10 or older. Quick results are guaranteed with the innovative easy-click system: Multi-colour, precisely made components fit together for a sturdy connection and decorated with stickers. No painting necessary! The model can also be painted, which makes it completely unique. A recommendation with up to 5 colours is included in the instruction manual.

Scope of delivery:

Plastic model kit (non-assembled), Illustraded, multilingual assembly instructions, Decal set

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