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BELL 412 Los Angeles City Fire Dep. MODEL SET

20,00 €
ποσότητα φόρου 3,87 €

Ιδανικό για δώρο , για παιδιά μεγαλύτερα των 8 χρονών Περιέχει ακρυλικά χρώματα ,κόλλα και πινέλο Type: Transport and observation helicopters Country: United States Skill: 3 Model Dim.: 18,3 cm BELL 412 Los Angeles City Fire Dep. MODEL SET - THIS PRODUCT IS SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN OVER 8 YEARS OF AGE - - ACRYLIC PAINTS, LIQUID CEMENT AND BRUSH INCLUDED - The AB 412 is a medium twin-engine helicopter manufactured by Agusta Westland under license from Bell Helicopter. Directly derived from the Bell 212, it is characterized by the adoption of the compostie four-blade main rotor. The AB 412 rapidly became a commercial success and nowadays it is used to perform either civil or military duties. Military versions are used for the transport of troops, up to 14 soldiers on board, or for the medical evacuation (Medevac) through the possibility of carrying up to six stretchers. The AB 412, thanks to its extraordinary flexibility, can be used in operations of environmental protection, firefighting tasks, and in search and rescue duties. The AB 412 is also used by the following Italian Corps : Carabinieri, Guardia di Finanza and Vigili del Fuoco.

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