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London Bus-07651

London Bus-07651
75,00 €
ποσότητα φόρου 14,52 €

Μοντέλο σε κλίμακα. Αποτελείται από πλαστικά κομμάτια. Χρειάζεται συναρμολόγηση κ βάψιμο .Στην συσκευασία δεν συμπεριλαμβάνονται κόλλα κ χρώματα.





Number of parts:391

Length:381 mm


London Bus in scale 1:24

With a scale of 1:24 and an impressive 391 parts, this kit offers an authentic experience for modeling enthusiasts. With a length of 381 mm, the model is not only impressively large, but also detailed. Due to the level 5 difficulty, this kit is specially designed for experienced modelers who have sound knowledge and skills in model building. This model is great for experts who are looking for a new challenge and want to put their skills to the test

Scope of delivery:

  • Plastic model kit (not assembled)
  • Pictured, multilingual assembly instructions
  • Decals

Special Features:

  • Multi-part body with detailed surface textures
  • Complete reproduction of the passenger compartment with 72 seats
  • Detailed cockpit and multi-piece Leyland and Scania engine
  • Moving hood and multi-part underbody
  • Rotating wheels and typical open entrance area
  • Two separate passenger levels and optional removable roof segment
  • Many clear parts and decal for two RML versions

Note: Figures are not included in the kit

Background information:

The AEC Routemaster, first introduced in 1954, impressed with its innovative design. Particularly characteristic was the open boarding platform, which allowed for quick boarding and alighting. The bus became a symbol of London and drove through the streets of the capital for almost 50 years before it ceased service in 2005. With this kit you can recreate a piece of London history and marvel at your home.

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