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JUNIOR KIT Police Van-00811

40,00 €
ποσότητα φόρου 7,74 €
A surveillance mission for the police! Build your surveillance van and catch the criminals in the act with it. You will not miss any of their evil deeds with the mobile surveillance camera mounted on the roof of the vehicle. A fully adjustable and positionable policeman figure is standing by your side. He can do his duty in the drivers seat or outside the vehicle. Small law keepers from 4 years of age can easily build the model without any effort using the enclosed screwdriver. The coloured, easy-to-understand assembly guide leads them step by step to the finished model. - Fully adjustable and positionable policeman - Easy to assemble - Robust construction - Can be disassembled again - Movable doors front and rear - Sliding side door - Interior with work table - Turning surveillance camera on the vehicle - Speed measuring device - Decorate with the enclosed stickers

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