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TA 154 Mistel & Fw190

45,00 €
ποσότητα φόρου 8,71 €
Skill level: 5 Scale: 1:48 Length: 186 mm Wingspan: 219 mm Parts: 184 Description The original guided missile Late in WWII, Nazi Germany developed a type of guided munitions known as the Mistel. The Nazis packed a bomber with high explosive, attached a fighter and flew the bomb to the target. Once over the target, the fighter would release the Mistel and pull away. Guidance systems had not yet been invented so, after release, the Mistel was extremely inaccurate. Because of inherent design flaws, only 200 Mistels were created before the surrender. Kit features parts to build a TA154 Mistel and Fw 190 with the "Beethoven" attaching system.

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