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Type: Fighter aircrafts Period: First World War Country: France Skill: 2 Model Dim.: 8,7 cm Box Dim.: 345 x 242 x 48 mm DECALS FOR 5 VERSIONS The SPAD XIII was one of the best fighter aircraft used during the First World War. Produced by the French company Société Pour l'Aviation et ses Dérivés it was developed on the basis of its predecessor, the SPAD VII, and it adopted several modifications to improve aerodynamics. The size of wings and tail rudder have been increased and a new and more powerful 8 cylinders Hispano-Suiza engine able to deliver 220 HP have been adopted. The sum of these improvements was a notable augmentation in flight and combat performance. The SPAD XIII was able to reach a top speed of 215 Km/h and it was armed with two 7.7 mm. Vickers machine guns. The SPAD XIII was flown by famous aces as the French René Fonck and Georges Guynemer and also by the Italian ace Francesco Baracca. Decals for 5 versions FRANCE WWI ITALIA WWI RUSSIA WWI USA WWI Suggested colors F Light Brown 4305AP F.S. 30219 F Medium Blue 4307AP F.S. 35095 F Sand 4720AP F.S. 30475 F Euro I Dark Green 4729AP F.S. 34092 F Black 4768AP F.S. 37038 F Flat Green 4862AP F.S. 34102

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