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Type: Fighter aircrafts Period: First World War Country: France Skill: 3 Model Dim.: 18,0 cm Box Dim.: 290 x 190 x 45 mm DECALS FOR 5 VERSIONS The French biplane fighter Nieuport 17 was directly derived from its predecessor, the Nieuport 11, and it adopted several improvements, such as the bigger wings and the most powerful engine, to enhance its aerodynamic and its performance. The first versions were still equipped with the Lewis 7.7 mm machine gun mounted on the upper wing. The Lewis gun was replaced, in the French Aèronatique Militaire fighters, with a more modern synchronized 7,7 mm. Vickers machine gun firing through the propeller disc. The Nieuport 17 was used on the western front from the middle of 1916 and it has significantly contributed to counterbalance the air superiority of the German fighters. The Nieuport 17 was flown by famous aces that obtained a lot of victories on it as the British ace Albert Ball and the Canadian ace W.A. Bishop. Decals for 5 versions ENGLAND WWI FRANCE WWI Germany ITALIA WWI RUSSIA WWI Suggested colors F Red 4606AP F.S. 31400 G Green 4669AP F.S. 14090 MG Silver 4678AP F.S. 17

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