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B-17F Memphis Belle_04279

B-17F Memphis Belle_04279
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Number of parts:235

Length:325 mm

Wingspan:440 mm


Boeing B-17F Memphis Belle - 1:72 Scale

The 1/72 scale Boeing B-17F Memphis Belle is a highly detailed reproduction of the historic aircraft that flew for the US Army Air Force during World War 2. With a substantial part count of 235 and dimensions of 325 mm in length and a wingspan of 440 mm, this model will delight all fans of modeling. Recommended for enthusiasts 13 years and older, this kit is the perfect addition to any collection.

Scope of delivery:

  • Detailed surfaces with recessed sheet metal joints
  • Detailed cockpit: consoles, dashboard, individual seats
  • Complete bomb bay including cargo racks
  • 4 bombs
  • Bomb sight with seat in the bow
  • Detailed radio operator/navigator compartment
  • Side window options for MG mounting
  • Movable MG ball turret
  • Detailed upper MG turret
  • Clear view parts for front and center upper MG stand
  • MG rear stand
  • Separate rudders and 4 detailed radial engines
  • Cooling ring: choice of open or closed
  • Implementary turbocharger and separate air intake ducts
  • Separate elevator and ailerons
  • Detailed landing gear
  • Decals for 2 USAAF versions

This kit is designed for advanced modelers and assumes experience in gluing and painting. The model is great for collecting and as a display piece for historical aircraft enthusiasts.

Special features:

  • Innovative construction techniques for an authentic look
  • High level of detail, from the engines to the MG stand
  • Official licenses ensure accurate representation of historic aircraft

Background information:

The Boeing B-17 became a legend during World War 2, symbolic of the heavily armed strategic bombers of the era. Particularly famous was the B-17F Memphis Belle, named after the pilot's girlfriend and the first U.S. Army Air Force bomber to survive 25 missions in Europe. She later became the star of a Hollywood movie and today stands as a monument in the city of Memphis. With this kit, you can bring a piece of history home and recreate the impressive engineering of these machines.

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