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Wacom Ergo Stand for Cintiq Pro 24

595,00 €
ποσότητα φόρου 115,16 €
Create in comfort with Wacom Ergo Stand To create in complete comfort, attach the Wacom Ergo Stand to your Cintiq Pro 24. It allows you to raise, tilt and rotate your pen display to easily adjust the viewing angle and find the most natural position for you. Once attached to Ergo Stand, your Cintiq Pro 24 becomes a stable surface on which to create – just like drawing at a drafting table. Plus, you can rotate the display as you’d move a sheet of paper to draw at a fresh angle. And because it’s easy to adjust, you can quickly setup your Cintiq Pro for your comfort or the lighting in your workspace. Raise, tilt and rotate your Cintiq Pro 24 into the best working position for you Creates a comfortable, stable surface on which to create Rotate your Cintiq Pro to draw at a fresh angle – just like a sheet of paper Easy to adjust throughout the day

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